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CE Marking and Peikko's Products

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General information on CE marking

CE marking means that a product is produced and controlled in accordance with a harmonized European standard (hEN) or a European Technical Approval/Assessment (ETA). ETA can be used as basis for CE marking in cases where no harmonised EN standard is available. However, ETA is voluntary and not required by EU directives or legislation.

Manufacturers may use CE marking to declare that their construction products meet harmonized European standards or have been granted ETA Approvals. These documents define properties the products must have in order to be granted the right to use CE marking, and also describe how the manufacture of these products is supervised and tested.

CE marking of Peikko's products

Peikko produces composite structures (DELTABBEAMs and Peikko Composite Frame) and concrete connections. These products are affected by different CE marking regulations according to the Construction Products Regulation (EU) N:o 305/2011 and the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Currently there is no comprehensive and clear interpretation of these directives, and therefore practices how to implement regulations vary by country.

Only CE marked products are to be used in construction in Europe, if there is a way to grant CE marking for the product in question. However, many construction products are not covered by harmonized European standards (hEN) or European Technical Approval/Assessment (ETA). For these products CE marking cannot be required.

Product Categories/Products in Peikko’s product range stating current CE marking status:

CE marking and Peikko's products (PDF)

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