Flooring Products

Peikko’s flooring product range offers the largest available selection of innovative products for use in ground-bearing and pile-supported ground-level concrete floor construction. We offer solutions for even the most demanding types of industry and operating environments.


Peikko’s flooring product offering covers the full range of construction methods

  • Screed layer application
  • Long strip concrete floor construction techniques
  • Large area construction
  • Jointed and jointless floor construction methods (supported by laser screed technology) 
  • Technology for post-tension floors

There is a full range of solutions readily available for both external and internal applications, from light- to heavy-duty usage, and with or without arris protection capability. All our flooring products are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. 

Peikko’s carefully designed flooring products enable you to

  • Carry out the floor construction process faster, easier, and more reliably
  • Construct to the highest category of flatness 
  • Choose the best solution for the full range of floor categories, loadings, and joint openings
  • Improve operational performance
  • Ensure long-term low maintenance requirements for floor joints, minimize repair costs, and extend the overall service life of the floor

Free Movement Joints

Prefabricated Free Movement Joint Systems are designed for the construction of contraction- and expansion-formed free-movement joints with effective arris protection. These joint systems perform reliably in all types of transport, industrial, and environmental construction. Free-movement joints can be combined with variety of load transfer systems, which is why Peikko provides class-leading performance for the entire range of potential joint openings

Screed Rails

Versatile Screed Rail Systems and basic free-movement joint formworks provide a guide for the screeding mechanism for application of screed layers. They also enable the construction of basic contraction- and expansion-formed free-movement formed joints without arris protection.

Permanent Joint Fillers

Permanent Joint Fillers are systems for filling joint gaps in concrete floors. This system instantly replaces the traditional joint fillers used in concrete floors and slab joint gaps. It also removes the need to reseal joints, minimizes floor downtime, and improves resistance to damage at the joint arrises.

Load Transfer Systems

Dowel Systems provide high efficiency load transfer functionality through the joint at formed and sawn free-movement contraction joints.

Tools for designers

Peikko offers software tools and design components to make designing faster and easier. Optimize structural designs by using Peikko's tested, approved products and efficient design tools.

All downloads are free, you just need to give us your contact information. You will then receive the download links to your email. This helps us to develop our service and enables us to send you information on updates.

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