Deltabeam with steel decking

Typically DELTABEAM® is used in the shorter span direction of the grid, while the longer span is built with the load bearing decking. Especially efficient when used with deep decking. DELTABEAM® is available in heights of 200 mm to 500 mm and legths according to needed span. This proven composite beam can be used for both straight and curved edges.

DELTABEAM® is a composite slim-floor system for multi-storey buildings of any kind. It allows flexible lay-outs through the whole life cycle of the building, and easy HVAC installation.

DELTABEAM® is designed to be used as a structural element combined with all general concrete slab types: hollow-core slab, filigran slabs, composite steel decking, trapetzoidal steel decking slabs, and cast-in-situ concrete slabs. It enables tyhe usage of shallow element structures and strengthens the frame structure inside the slab.

DELTABEAM® can have a fire class rating as high as R120 without additional protection.

Please see the DELTABEAM® product information page for more details

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