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Insight on Construction: Ilari Seitsonen

November, 8, 2018

Ilari Seitsonen from Hetzner Finland Oy, an expert on construction sector, tells about his most recent project, and how Peikko's DELTABEAM® Slim Floor System turned out to be the most feasible solution for the project.  

Ilari Seitsonen works as the Construction Manager of Hetzner Finland Oy. He has over thirty years' experience with the construction industry, and he is both a construction engineer and a building architect by background.Ilari is currently involved in the Hetzner Data Center Park project in Tuusula, Helsinki. The first phase of the project comprises constructing three hall buildings, one of which has already been completed. Five similar buildings will be constructed as part of the project in the upcoming years. The floor surface of each data center building is 4,000 m2. The buildings have two server rooms with space for about 30,000 servers in each. The project is a localization of a concept developed by the German company Hetzner Online GmbH.

The structure designed by the Germans, however, turned out to be too complex. Searching for a better solution, Ilari became acquainted with Peikko's DELTABEAM® Slim Floor System, which enables low intermediate floors. Ilari was already familiar with Peikko's PETRA® Slab Hangers and knew that Peikko is a reliable supplier. DELTABEAM® was finally selected for the structure because, in addition to low intermediate floors, it offers quick installation thanks to standardized connections. On top of these benefits, DELTABEAM® Composite Beams achieve fire resistance without the need to implement fire protection on the construction site. The installation went smoothly, and the intermediate floors of the second building were completed ahead of schedule.

The solution has sparked interest also in Germany, and utilizing DELTABEAM® is being considered also in the German market. In Germany, hollow-core slab construction is not as common as in Finland, but DELTABEAM® can be used equally with wooden, steel and filigree slabs.

Ilari Seitsonen is pleased with Peikko's solution. Slim floors and installation speed have ensured a smooth project and decreased the number of columns used. There are plans underway to optimize also other solutions, such as columns, for future projects.

Anu Rousku

Is the Sales and Marketing Coordinator of Peikko Finland Oy. Prior to this, Anu has been responsible for Peikko's marketing in the Middle East. She has worked with Peikko since 2016, and before Peikko held positions of marketing and international logistics in various companies in Finland (Kemppi, Merivaara) and Spain (Vircell, Unicaja), where she has lived for four years. Anu has a Master's Degree in International Business Administration.

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