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Go and gerber it!

September, 30, 2019

Column ahead and a passionate need for a continuous connection? A desperate wish for a beam that could just go through the column with no further hassle? That was the very moment when a Gerber connection was invented.

And now is the moment when the Gerber connection is better than ever.

Peikko’s DELTABEAM® is a superior composite beam that enables slim floor construction and its benefits are optimized when building multi-story buildings. Gerber connections have been commonly used with DELTABEAM® ever since its very beginning; exactly 30 years ago, by the way. There have been times and sites where the connections have not been as smooth as they should have, and it has led to improvement – to a renewed Gerber connection.

What changed, then?

The renewed Gerber connection makes the ring rebar assembly easier and concreting smoother; this results to faster assembly (or a longer coffee break, if you please) and more happy faces on site. Both the end plate and the bearing block have been modified.

Assembly of ring rebars is now simple, as the gap between the hollow-core slab and the DELTABEAM® is bigger in the Gerber area. The ring rebars pass the Gerber connection without collision to the Gerber end plate and/or the hollow-core slabs. (Yes, time for another coffee!)

Concrete cast inside the beam runs from the rectangular openings into the Gerber connection between two beams. It’s so simple that maybe you didn’t even notice. When the development is done correctly, the result is so seamless that you don’t even remember that it has not always been like that. Because forerunners care.

Matti Vartiainen

Matti Vartiainen, B. Sc. (Civ. Eng.) works as a DELTABEAM® Product Manager for Peikko Group Corporation. Since he started at Peikko in 2001 he has also worked in R&D, in DELTABEAM® Project Management and as a Business Manager for DELTABEAMs®. Prior to his career at Peikko he has worked as a Business Manager of Project sales (Vierumäen teollisuus) and in Construction Engineering Companies both in Finland (Finnmap Oy) and Germany (Gladen Ingenieurgesellschaft für das bauwesen) and participated in numerous specialized engineering projects.

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