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WELDA® Anchor Plates – optimized through research

December, 4, 2018

WELDA® Anchor Plates are typically used to create welded connections between steel and concrete structural members. The concept of WELDA® – a steel plate combined with headed studs – is simple, and at the same time it is a fully functional and competitive solution that has been appreciated by Peikko’s customers in thousands of projects so far.

The structural design of WELDA® Anchor Plates is usually performed by using Peikko Designer®. Peikko Designer® refers to resistances approved in the European Technical Assessment ETA 16/0430 in accordance with the latest European design standards. These standards typically limit the performance of WELDA® by the load-bearing capacity of concrete surrounding the anchor plate. Under such assumptions, the contribution of the concrete member’s reinforcement to the resistance of an anchorage provided by WELDA® is significantly underestimated, if not neglected.  


Optimized resistances – new design recommendations 

During the past 4 years, Peikko has invested a significant amount of resources to a research focused on the assessment of the structural performance of WELDA® Anchor Plates combined with the reinforcement of the concrete member. The research program involved a basic study focused on identifying the basic behavior patterns of WELDA® anchored in reinforced concrete and applied a research that allowed formulating new design recommendations for WELDA® under tensile, shear and combined loading. 

The new design recommendations will allow Peikko to guarantee WELDA® Anchor Plates resistances significantly greater in comparison to those that can be assessed in accordance with current European design standards. The first approval validating such research-based resistances has already been issued by the Finnish Concrete Association (BY) in 2018. Other approvals, as well as the implementation of the new design methods to Peikko Designer®, will follow in 2019. Detailed technical information about the new design method can be found e.g. in an article published in International Federation for Structural Concrete journal.

Ján Bujňák

Jan Bujnak, Ph.D. (Civil Engineering), is responsible for the development of connection products since 2019. Jan has previously worked in the R&D department of Peikko Group and has been involved in the development of products, their technical documentation, approvals and design tools. Before joining Peikko in 2007, Jan completed a Ph.D. degree in structural engineering.

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