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High fire performance of DELTABEAM® slim floor joints with timber slabs - Live webinar, Online Event

January, 26, 2023 - January, 26, 2023

Peikko has been investigating the performance of the joint area between DELTABEAM® Composite Beam and timber floors, as a hybrid slim floor structure is getting a more popular solution.

Charring test and 90-minute fire test with loading were performed for DELTABEAM® Composite Beam with CLT slab structure. The tests proved that DELTABEAM® used with CLT slabs works in fire situations without any additional fireproofing under the beam or the CLT slab. DELTABEAM® allows leaving the CLT slabs exposed. DELTABEAM® enables the creation of a slim floor structure while simultaneously joining the beam and CLT slab together with encapsulated transverse reinforcement.

We invite you learn more about the fire tests to Peikko’s webinar, which will take place on January 26th at 02:00 PM EET. 

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