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EBEA Balcony Designer

EBEA Balcony Designer is a free web-based application that assists structural engineers with balcony design using EBEA® Balcony Connectors. The user will receive an optimized set of EBEA® Balcony Connectors.

You can access the EBEA Balcony Designer using your Peikko Designer® account credentials. A log-in is not required, but it does allow you to download a short design report in PDF format.

As EBEA Balcony Designer is a web-based application, no installation is required, and you will always have the most recent version of the service available to you.

Start using

Using the tool is very simple. The first step is to define the structure and supporting elements. The next step is to add loads to the static system. After the necessary design criteria has been established, click "calculate" to start the analysis. Once the analysis is complete, the appropriate EBEA® Balcony Connectors will be displayed. In the "Connector overview" section, you will be able to see the selected EBEA types, the internal forces of the governing load combinations, and the respective connector uses.

If the connector requires a special solution; simply contact Peikko's local representatives who will assist you in finding a suitable option.

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