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KAPU® Safety Railing Sleeves released to Tekla Warehouse

New KAPU® Safety Railing Sleeves component has been released and is available in the Tekla Warehouse. 

New tools enable users to add KAPU® Safety Railing Sleeves to Tekla models easily. The new component package contains two tools: the KAPU® Safety Railing Sleeves component and KAPU® Safety Railing Sleeves placing tool. With the latest tools, users can model KAPU®s easier and faster.

Single KAPU® can be added and placed with the KAPU® plugin. When KAPU® Safety Railing Sleeves are added to several elements at once, you can use KAPU® Inserter plugin, which allows you to select several elements. While using KAPU® Inserter tool, you can choose the type of KAPU®, surface treatment, and mounting placement. Physical placement can be adjusted as well as how the first and last KAPU®s are placed and what is the maximum distance between the KAPU®s. If automatic placing does not fit your purpose, you can place KAPU®s also manually by using the distance list option.

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