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Training and education

Peikko is actively giving training and education for its employees, both for its blue- and white‑collar personnel. This is seen as a must to develop an organization able to continue its growth within the market.

Examples of corporate wide training programs for white‑collar employees are as follows:

  • Peikko Experience – a 3‑day introductory program for new Peikko employees. This training is organized in Finland on an annual basis.
  • Systematic Sales – a concept with multiple training modules for all Peikko employees working in the field of sales function. Various modules per year.
  • Situational Leadership – a concept of multiple training modules for key Peikko employees leading teams. Various modules per year.
  • LEAP program – a concept of multiple training modules for those younger Peikko employees that are likely to have further managerial responsibilities within the company. One group per view, which will have multiple modules.

Examples of trainings that we provide for blue‑collar employees are as follows:

  • Safety training for all starting employees;
  • Welding training, leading to certificates.

There is also a number of internal training modules provided in the form of webinars, such as introductiory trainings or various product trainings.