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Peikko’s knowledgeable and dedicated experts always have time for you, from finding the right solution for your project to providing technical assistance and design guidance whenever it's needed. We always aim to serve you locally, in your own language.

Our highly educated professionals are constantly working on making the construction industry greener and better through their research and development. We believe that knowledge is power, and it is even better when shared. Read on to learn about our latest research and the Peikko team behind it.

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Peikko Designer®

Peikko Designer® software helps you select the right Peikko product for your structure. This is Peikko’s way of supporting the designers and their ambitions. Peikko Designer® is free for registered users, and the online modules can be used without having to register.

Peikko Designer® provides everything you need in one place, including product details, 3D models and performance specifications. This way, when it’s time to build, you can be confident that everything will fit together just as you planned, with safe and reliable connections, adjustability and constant accuracy.

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Engineer using Peikko Designer<sup>®</sup> software

PSB PLUS® – New Product in Cast-in-Situ Portfolio

Peikko has a long tradition of developing solutions that make the design and execution of slim floor structures safer and more efficient. One of the latest additions to Peikko’s product portfolio is PSB PLUS®, a high-performance reinforcement solution for cast-in-situ flat slabs locally supported on columns.

The system complements Peikko’s offering in the punching shear reinforcement segment by providing a simple and cost-efficient solution for the reinforcement of slabs under extreme loads.

Find out more from the white paper written by Jan Bujnak, Vice President, product development; Stefan Gavura, Product Manager, and Jakub Mecar, R&D engineer.

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Headed Anchors – Fast, Safe and Efficient Anchorage to Concrete

Adequate anchorage of steel into concrete is essential for the proper functioning of reinforced concrete structures. The anchorage of rebars is typically provided by small ribs continuously distributed over the length of the rebar or by mechanical end deformations of the rebar.

Headed anchors offer multiple benefits over other anchoring techniques, such as less congestion of reinforcement in concrete and easy installation. This white paper, written by R&D Engineers Martina Cesneková and Jakub Mecar, studies the headed anchors manufactured by Peikko, with examples of their uses.

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Tall Building Solutions

Tall buildings are a product of our time and a globally accepted solution to densification, lack of land, a growing population and for reducing commuting time. Although tall buildings play an important role in modern society, this type of construction presents challenges for all parties involved.

With over 50 years of experience in the design of buildings of all heights, Peikko can help you make your next tall building project more efficient to build and operate. This white paper written by Customer Engineering Manager, Anna Stirane, explains Peikko's best practices for its products and solutions in high-rise buildings from all over the world.

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WELDA® Anchor Plates – Increased Resistances with Less Reinforcement

Recently, Peikko has invested in a great deal of research focused on the structural performance of WELDA® Anchor Plates with supplementary reinforcement. The traditional assumption is that where shear and tensile forces interact, it is either the concrete or the steel resistance – whichever is lower – that sets the limit.

This white paper by Jan Bujnak, Vice President, Product Development; Jakub Mecar, R&D Engineer, and Pekka Paavola, Product Manager, offers a new and analytical approach, which, when put into action, significantly reduces the time used to design and install supplementary reinforcements.

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