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BESISTA® Rod System

BESISTA® Tension and Compression Rod Systems – for elegant, efficient bracing in buildings 

Peikko’s BESISTA® Tension and Compression Rod Systems set the standard for aesthetically and efficiently bracing buildings and other load-bearing structures.

Award-winning BESISTA® helps architects and constructors to create bold, impressive and super-modern spaces in typically high-profile locations. Applications include glazed atriums, roofs, curtain walls and facades – including at airport terminals, major stations, shopping centers, showrooms and suspension bridges.

BESISTA® is strong and lightweight, with above-average safety margins. It is designed to look good from all angles and even down to smaller details such as smooth transitions – and of course it’s designed to make the building look good.

BESISTA® is ETA approved, CE marked and type tested. It has been developed to minimize energy and resource use during manufacture. Its high quality, performance and reliability make it an effective and sustainable solution.

Patented BESISTA® system and special elements are readily available in the widest range of sizes in the industry. They include tension rods, rod anchors, pins and locking rings, cover and extension sleeves, circular discs, angle and cross anchors, and couplers. Rod lengths are up to 15 meters, and have extremely long adjustment lengths.

All system elements, including rod threads, are normally supplied with a hot-dip galvanized zinc finish to ensure long-term protection against corrosion.


Peikko BESISTA® tension rod and compression bar systems set the standard for elegantly bracing buildings and other load-bearing structures. With detailed aesthetics and patented safety and installation features, BESISTA® is your first choice for load-carrying connections that boldly stand out.

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