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ATLANT® and ATLANT® Strong

More architectural flexibility with ATLANT® Composite Columns family

The ATLANT® composite columns family enables construction flexibility, architectural freedom, and a maximum space for people. By using the slender composite columns from ATLANT® family, buildings can be designed and constructed to provide more usable space, better light and greater visibility within the building and to the outside.


Upcoming launch

Launch of ATLANT® composite columns family is scheduled for 12th of September 2023 at EuroSteel in Amsterdam.

The ATLANT® family comprises two products:

  • Slender and strong ATLANT® composite columns,
  • Close to invisible and even stronger ATLANT® Strong composite columns.

ATLANT® composite columns family benefits:

  • More slender than other same resistance columns.

  • Strong columns capable of maintaining constant outer cross-section dimensions throughout floors.

  • Integrated fire proofing.

  • Quick and easy installation.

  • Architectural flexibility and more open interior space.

  • Compatible with beam systems for precast, cast-in-situ, timber, hybrid, and other common slabs.

  • Optimal design and support provided by client’s language speaking Peikko specialists.

  • Eurocode 4 based design and local approvals.

  • Certified production in state-of-the-art factories.


Exceptional slenderness, high strength and built in fire proofing makes the ATLANT® columns an optimal solution for many applications. It can be single and multi- story columns used in both interior and exterior areas of various buildings.

ATLANT® composite columns provide architectural flexibility, cost effectiveness, construction simplicity, and speed.

ATLANT® Strong

The close to invisible ATLANT® Strong composite columns have superior slenderness and strength, comparing to alternatives in the market. The integrated fire proofing is also provided.

ATLANT® Strong, depending on project specifics, can be used as single type column in the building or in combination with ATLANT®.

The combination of the ATLANT® family columns is a perfect option minimizing amount of different cross sections throughout floors and in different load areas as well as providing the cost-effective solution with maximum architectural flexibility.

Availability and design

Composite columns composed of a tube, concrete, and reinforcement cage, are currently available in all markets. Design is based on provisions of Eurocodes. After the launch those columns will be branded as ATLANT®.

ATLANT® Strong composite columns are already available in Switzerland and Austria. Before the ATLANT® family launch, availability of ATLANT® Strong composite columns in other markets is limited. Design is currently based on Swiss code and the locally approved methods (VKF certificate).

After the launch the Eurocode based design will be available for all ATLANT® family composite columns. Depending on the construction process and client’s preference, all ATLANT® family columns will be available as a complete products or certain processes can be finished on site, such as concreting or painting.

Design service and technical support

Peikko’s experienced engineers and other specialists are always ready to provide the optimal solution and superior technical support in the client’s language.

Brochures and Technical Manual

ATLANT® Composite Column Family brochure 

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