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Game Changer Verifies Savings Potential

Establish the life cycle savings potential of your construction project together with our experts.

An efficient tool in this work is the value calculation software developed by Peikko's experts, the DELTABEAM® Game Changer. The structural solution's saving and return calculations are immediately available, both in a visual form and in the form of reports. There is no other similar tool in use in the construction industry.

Up to 30%
Up to 20%
Up to 10%

The comparison tool verifies the benefits, both during construction and during the use of the finished building, compared with the traditional floor structure solution. With the DELTABEAM® floor system, life cycle values are significantly better when measured in all the important indicators.

Potential for savings is accrued through the speed of construction, more efficient use of space, as well as through the energy efficiency of construction. Investors benefit when the facilities can be rented out faster and revenue generation starts. The bigger floor area achieved with the structure facilitates more rentable square footage and thus, increased annual rental income. The lower beam height, i.e., lower floors and intermediate floors, lowers the floor-to-floor height, as well as heating and cooling costs. DELTABEAM® Game Changer demonstrates the total savings accrual in precise and comparable figures.


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