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Column Connections Installer for Nemetschek - Allplan

Designed to streamline the process of creating column connections, this innovative software plugin from Peikko offers seamless integration with Nemetchek Allplan, a leading architectural and engineering design software.

The Peikko Column Connections Tool empowers engineers, architects, and construction professionals to efficiently design and detail cocrete column connections within their Allplan projects. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive library of pre-engineered connection types, the tool simplifies the complex task of connecting columns and foundations.

Key features of the Peikko Column Connections Tool include:

  • Extensive Connection Library: Access a wide range of standardized connection types.
  • Customization Options: Tailor connection parameters to meet specific project requirements. Adjust connection details, such as anchor bolt sizes, grout thicknesses, and column shoe options, to achieve wanted structural model.
  • Automated Modeling: Generate 3D models of column connections with just a few clicks. The tool automatically places connection components, such as column shoes, anchor bolts, and grouts, accurately and efficiently, saving valuable design time.
  • Detailed Documentation: Generate detailed reports and drawings of the designed connections, including bill of materials, fabrication drawings, and installation instructions. This comprehensive documentation facilitates seamless communication between design teams, fabricators, and contractors.

By incorporating the Peikko Column Connections Tool into the Nemetchek Allplan software, professionals in the construction industry can enhance their productivity, minimize errors, and achieve superior column connection designs. Simplify the connection design process and elevate the quality of your structural projects with this powerful software tool.

Installation Instructions

Tutorial: How to use the Peikko toolbox in Allplan


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