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A new QR code application, Peikko GUIDE, launched for Column Shoes to assist site work and collect feedback

Peikko wants to ensure the safe and proper use of its products and to be a forerunner in solutions that promote safety and collaboration. Up-to-date and easily accessible installation videos are available on mobile devices to promote our customers' occupational safety as well as ensure that work on site is easier and faster.

Starting from now on, all HPKM® Column Shoes will be labelled with a QR code. You can activate Peikko GUIDE by reading a QR code from the bottom of a Column Shoe. It provides useful How To videos for precast factories’ installation teams and for teams working with precast erection. Furthermore, interactive feedback features provide an easy and quick channel to give feedback via Smileys, text, and photos. You can also show your location if wanted.

Instruction videos are the best way to learn how a task should be performed in a right and safe way. Videos have to be available when needed, and thus a new QR code application is an excellent tool. It only takes a few seconds to scan a QR code, making the stored information accessible right away.

Peikko GUIDE is now available in HPKM® Column Shoes and more products and solutions will be labelled with a QR code next year.

Peikko GUIDE introduction video