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Discover more architectural possibilities with ATLANT® Family Composite Columns

By using the slender composite columns from ATLANT® family, buildings can be designed and constructed to provide more usable space, better light and greater visibility within the building and to the outside. The columns can be used in single- and multi-floor buildings, and in both interior and exterior areas.

The ATLANT® family comprises two products:

  • Slender and strong ATLANT® composite columns,
  • Close to invisible and even stronger ATLANT® Strong composite columns.

The close to invisible ATLANT® Strong composite columns have superior slenderness and strength, comparing to alternatives in the market. Meanwhile, combination of ATLANT® Strong with ATLANT® composite columns enables a balanced solution in relation to architectural flexibility, cost effectiveness, construction simplicity and speed.

Both types of columns have integrated fire proofing and are compatible with precast, cast-in-situ, timber, hybrid and other common slabs systems. Peikko’s experienced engineers and other specialists are always ready to provide the optimal solution and superior technical support in the client’s language.

ATLANT® family composite columns can be designed according to Eurocode provisions and are available in all markets. As an alternative option, ATLANT® Strong composite columns can be designed according to Swiss code and the locally approved methods (VKF certificate).

All ATLANT® family columns are now available in client’s selected completion level. Depending on the construction process and client’s preference, the columns are available as a complete product or certain processes can be finished on site, such as concreting or painting.

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