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BOLDA® Column Shoe

BOLDA® Column Shoes were designed and developed to introduce a new generation of column shoes. It is an efficient replacement for PEC® Column Shoes in heavy loading conditions. BOLDA® Column Shoes are ETA assessed based on the full-scale tests of bolted column connections to prove the bending and shear resistance, stiffness, and resistance when the connection is exposed to fire.

BOLDA® Column Shoes are compact column shoes to fit in a smaller and narrower column cross-section. It is possible to reduce column cross-section up to 24% with BOLDA® when compared to PEC® Column Shoes. Thanks to its optimized design, it is easier to handle and install it in the precast factory.

All benefits of standard bolted column connection are of course applicable when BOLDA® Column Shoes are used. For example, no bracing is needed which allows for a free working space where the connection is instantly secured when bolts are tightened. Erection of the precast column takes 10 minutes with the use of a crane and a two-men crew only. Behaviour of the precast column and connection can be safely considered to be comparable to cast in situ structure.

With a track record of more than 30 years, Peikko is a pioneer in bolted column connections. We are always working on bringing the best solution for our customers with further development and optimization.


BOLDA® Column Shoe

  • ETA assessement based on full-scale test
  • Fire-resistant under ETA, based on real tests
  • Stiffness verified by ETA
  • Column cross-section reduced up to 24%
  • Optimized supplementary reinforcement
  • Design values for concrete class C35/45 


BOLDA® Column Shoes were launched and introduced in January 2021.

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