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Bolted Connection Goes Cloud – the launch of Peikko’s next-generation design tool

The new generation of Peikko Designer® is here now: With Bolted Connection, we unveil our next-generation design tool. The new tool will make the designer's everyday life smoother while also following industry trends.


Daily benefits

The new generation of Peikko Designer® is a cloud-based design tool, which means that you only need an internet connection, no installations, or downloads. It's easy to get up and running; existing users can log in to the new version with the same credentials that they use for the current one.

The tool is always up to date thanks to its automatic updates, and the simple and intuitive user interface ensures a good user experience. Just like its predecessor, the new generation Peikko Designer® tool for column connections is free of charge.


What’s new?

Now, we introduce our next-generation design tool with Bolted Connection. You can access the Beta version here. You can verify connection capacity against axial, bending, and shear as well as check axial and shear steel resistance of the bolt. Also, the tool provides you:

  • faster and more lean way to define connection and place bolts
  • support for design of custom solutions regarding geometrical freedom
  • clear and well-structured result output with 3D visualization of the resistance domain
  • saving connection (initial data) under your account project management tab
  • possibility to share project with your colleagues
  • PDF report.


For more information, have a look at our tutorial video. Let us know what you think of the software and what features are needed to make your daily design work easier by giving us feedback here.

We are frequently adding new features to the software, and the next version of the Bolted Connection design software will be published early 2024.


Many improvements

In general, compared to its predecessor, the new cloud-based Peikko Designer® Bolted Connection will have many improvements including in reporting and calculation. The new tool gives the user more freedom as it enables the reliable and standardized design of architectural shapes that deviate from the mainstream.


For example, the new tool allows more freedom to design column shoes for columns of all shapes, while the current version is limited exclusively to column shapes that are round or rectangular. The new Bolted Connection now also allows for inspecting the load capacities more visually thanks to the new 3D capacity graphs. In addition, the tool offers more options for visualizing results while also leaving room for their interpretation.


Solutions for the future

Structural design is developing and becoming digitalized. Industry trends also provide guidelines for the development of Peikko Designer®:

  • cloud-based solutions
  • ease of use
  • compatibility of the tools
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • out-of-the-box and architecturally challenging solutions.

The new generation Peikko Designer® for column connections is just one step towards new technology and the design needs of today and tomorrow. Our Product Development is taking place even at this very moment.

Our goal is to make designers’ daily work easier and more meaningful by providing Peikko tools that are designed to be used together with Peikko solutions – for a faster, safer, and more sustainable way to design and build.