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Brace for the challenges of tomorrow with BESISTA® Rod Systems

Alongside our solutions for concrete connections and hybrid construction, BESISTA® Tension and Compression Rod Systems help forward-thinking architects and constructors to create bold, impressive, and super-modern spaces. The synergy doesn’t end there however, as BESISTA® also comes with a set of sustainability credentials that help you make a choice to stand the test of time.

Aesthetic and efficient bracing for building and other load-bearing structures

Applications for BESISTA® Rod Systems include glazed atriums, roofs, curtain walls and facades in structures such as airport terminals, major stations, shopping centres, showrooms, and suspension bridges. This means it must be strong and lightweight, with above average safety margins.

BESISTA® is ETA assessed CE marked, and tested, and is readily available in the widest range of sizes in the industry. Installation is simple, with no special assembly requirements. Hot-dip galvanized rods including threaded parts give protection from corrosion, and visual inspection is easy thanks to openings in the rod anchors.

Not only is BESISTA® safe and efficient, but it’s also designed to look good from every angle and down to the smallest detail, making it perfect for landmark projects in high-profile locations.

The system is already in use in many fantastic structures around Europe, including the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Germany, the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, and the Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain.


Sustainability – it’s in the details

There is no simple answer to sustainability in construction, it’s all in the details. Details such as using recycled materials, durability and reliability, reduction of waste and a lower carbon footprint.

If you are choosing a bracing system where durability meets optimized materials, BESISTA® has it all. Beyond mere usability, visual aesthetics, and performance, it is a safe solution designed to take environmental aspects into account throughout its lifecycle.

Tension and Compression Rods consist of 87% recycled scrap in their steel composition, while casted rod ends and other parts contain 35% recycled iron. As a rule of thumb, Tension Rod systems contain 73% recycled materials. The galvanized surface treatment guarantees durability, with long-lasting protection against corrosion in challenging climates.

The important details start before you install BESISTA®, with manufacture utilizing leftover steel parts, reducing waste, and contributing further to the system’s environmental credentials. These credentials are also verified and documented. BESISTA® Rod System’s environmental impact at each stage of its lifecycle is assessed and verified through the issuance of an EPD certificate.

In building a sustainable tomorrow, make choices that endure for years to come. In choosing a bracing system, do not settle for the minimum.

Choose the most sustainable option and brace for tomorrow.

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