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Get to know PUUCO® Timber Connections – The roots of ROOCO® Column Shoe

To reach the optimal, hybrid outcome, each structural frame deserves the best beams and connections. PUUCO® Timber Connections is our new range of standardized connections that enable connecting timber and concrete seamlessly and reliably in large and heavy structures. PUUCO® Timber Connections is the next level in forming our complete ecosystem of hybrid solutions that enable using DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure with all kinds of building materials.

Timber hybrids are a huge trend in the construction industry and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. But did you know that Peikko offered column shoes for glue-laminated columns already 20 years ago? Our basic thinking is that if it helps our customer and we can do it, even with a little sawing and fixing with dowel pins, then we go for it.

It is also a customer need that has led us to develop a complete ecosystem of products to support DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure. We already know that DELTABEAM® is an unrivalled solution that ticks a lot of boxes. Therefore, to enable the use of DELTABEAM® with all kinds of building materials, we build true value by complementing DELTABEAM® with supporting solutions.

PUUCO® Timber Connections is a great example. The whole concept behind PUUCO® Timber Connections is to take what we have achieved for precast and implement that for timber. After all, the truth is that we at Peikko are not timber specialists. Our core competence is in hidden connections, which carry heavy loads and make erecting structures easy. 


Representing the roots of our PUUCO® Timber Connections family tree, ROOCO® Column Shoe for gluelam timber columns follows the same principle. Our iconic precast column shoe HPKM® lent its shape for ROOCO®, and the connection to both upper and lower structures is bolted. With moderate loads, the top plate of ROOCO® is enough as is, and with heavier loads ROOCO® can be combined with a base plate on the bottom of the gluelam column.

Moreover, ROOCO® Column Shoe follows the design principles of concrete column shoes – you can use 4, 6, 8 or 12 ROOCO® Column Shoes below a column. Tried and tested in pilot projects, ROOCO® will be adapted to mass production, which makes it more affordable and available off-the-shelf. The resistances will be matched to HPM® Anchor Bolts for a duo of products that complement each other.

Does ROOCO® Column Shoe answer a need of yours? Let us know in the comments or give us a call – we want to hear all about your next hybrid project!