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Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, U.K. - made to meet strict requirements

Peikko is a supplier for a major construction project in Europe, which involves coordinating a large number of subcontractors. It is crucial that every component is available at the appropriate time. Therefore, Peikko went above and beyond to ensure that a particular delivery was delivered on schedule.

Peikko anchor plates in all areas of the building

Construction is well underway at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in the South West of England, UK. The project represents a critical part of the UKs future energy strategy and will provide reliable low-carbon electricity to around 6 million homes. It’s a big project for Peikko, and we are scheduled to be involved from 2017 to 2024. Jürgen Brüne, Project Manager for Production and Key Account Manager for Peikko Germany, is responsible for the German production unit working on the project.

“For this project, 80-90% of our work is delivering anchor plates, which are customised for the project,” says Brüne. “We’re delivering over 20 different sizes from 200 x 200 mm to 700 x 700 mm, as well as some other products. Peikko anchor plates are being used in all areas of the building and they are being cast into concrete to give the constructors options for welding later. We’ll be supplying this project for about 5-6 years in total with somewhere between 160,000 to 180,000 items. It really is a massive undertaking.”


Made to meet strict requirements

Due to the size of the project, getting the logistics right is especially important. This means that orders and deliveries are organized on a rolling forecast of 14-16 weeks, with a fast lane of 4-5 weeks for special cases. In exceptional cases, a 3-week lead time may be required.

“For a critical nuclear project like this nuclear power station delivering on time is not enough, says Brüne. “There’s much more involved than manufacturing and delivery – each component needs to meet strict specifications. We also need to allow time to prepare the drawings, as well as time for release by the government agencies. In addition, for each delivery we need to follow the procedures required by the CRM Code and provide extensive quality documentation.”


Award-winning service

“At one point during the project, we got an urgent request from the customer. They had noticed that one additional anchor plate was required,” says Brüne”. “A lot of other work depended on that one part and the concrete pouring was already scheduled, so they needed it within 2 weeks or even earlier.”

“Although it was just one anchor plate, it still required all the procedures, approvals, and documentation. It must be correct whether it’s one item or one hundred,” adds Brüne. “This required extra coordination from Peikko in Germany, Finland, and the UK, as well as fast work from all our departments, including customer engineering, production planning, production, quality office and project management. We worked quickly and confirmed that we could deliver the part on time shortly after getting the request. We have made several urgent orders before, but this was really special, we delivered the anchor plate in just over 1 week and took care of the approvals, too. The part was so vital that when it arrived the customer sent someone by car to pick it up straight from the handling warehouse.”

“Giving excellent service is always an investment in future customer relationships. In this case, the customer was so pleased with Peikko’s good service that we won their award for “the best UK Supplier of the Year 2021”. By keeping one part on time, we helped the customer meet one of their project milestones too.”

Project facts 

Project name: Hinkley Point C nuclear power station

Construction site size: over 1.7 km2

Customer: Bylor JV and EDF

Peikko products: 160 000 - 180 000 anchor plates

Completion year:  2027 (Peikko delivery)