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Introducing FATBAR® system for optimal post-tensioned performance under conventional, demanding, or even harsh and heavy conditions

Peikko FATBAR® is a post-tensioned system consisting of a high-strength steel bar with special threading, designed to be used for prestressing of structures and performing under heavy, fatigue, or dynamic loads.

FATBAR® system has been a successful innovation that was developed, successfully tested, and assessed with ETA assessment several years ago. It is a widely used system mostly in wind turbine foundations but can meet the demands of the most challenging engineering applications.

FATBAR® with its high-strength and special threading enables it for use in prestressing wind turbine applications and other critical projects where strength and reliability are essential. Thanks to its unique design, FATBAR® can sustain greater fatigue loads, ensuring a longer lifespan of concrete structures.

FATBAR® is designed for use in foundation and structural prestressing applications, available as bonded, unbonded, or external bar tendons.

Invest in the future of your engineering projects with FATBAR® - the ultimate solution for high-dynamic stress applications. ETA assessment, along with CE marking, make FATBAR® a superior choice for engineers seeking a durable and dependable solution. All sizes up to 98mm under one ETA assessment – ETA 10/0246.

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