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KK Lifting System — Safe and efficient lifting of precast concrete elements

KK Lifting System product portfolio has been updated. This robust lifting system with rapid coupling and release functionality offers safe and economical solutions for many construction tasks.

KK Lifting Inserts are installed recessed into the precast concrete element. Reusable Lifting Keys are attached to the inserts and enable a safe connection to the crane. ​

​The inserts of the KK Lifting System are either made of black steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel.  ​

Individual KK anchors can bear loads up to 320 kN.​


KK Long Inserts

KK Long Inserts are used in precast concrete elements with a sufficiently large anchoring depth. They can take axial, diagonal and transverse loads. ​

KK is used when a concentrated load transfer via the anchor foot into the element is possible. ​

KKD is the double head version of KK. It has advantages in thin elements with high concrete strength (e. g. prestressed beams).​

KKR Lifting Inserts are particularly suitable for very thin construction elements.​

KK SW and KKR SW are special anchors for lifting sandwich wall elements. The curved shape enables lifting at the heavy axis of the wall panel.


KK Short Inserts

KK Short Inserts are used where anchorage depth is limited, e. g. in slabs. They can take axial and diagonal loads up to 45° and are available in various lengths.

KK Accessories

The KK Lifting System offers accessories for installing the anchors as well as the Safety Pin.​​

KK FR and KK FM mounting aids facilitate the fastening of the lifting inserts in the formwork. They are available in rubber as KK FR or as magnetic holders in steel as KK FM. They create exactly the recess in the concrete that is required for the safe use of the KKL Lifting Key. ​

KK FW and KK FS support the fastening of the recess formers to the formwork. ​

KK FG is always used together with the KK FM magnetic holder, to firmly fix the insert in the steel recess former.​

KK SP Safety pins are used together with the KKL lifting device. During complex lifting operations, they reliably prevent the KKL from releasing from the insert by itself.

KK Lifting Keys

KK Lifting Keys are used to connect the KK Lifting Insert embedded in the precast concrete element with the crane hook, the sling or the sling chain. ​

KKL Lifting Keys are characterized by an extremely high robustness and durability. Individual load tests of every KKL secure our high safety level.



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