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Meet Matej Hruby from Peikko Slovakia

As part of our marketing theme 2020, The Year of The Designer, we have also interviewed our own employees, structural engineers who are working at Peikko units all over the world.

Read a new story and meet Matej Hruby from Peikko Slovakia.

Why have you chosen to study civil engineering?

When in high school, I have a hard time to choose my future job. Math was a subject, which I have never had struggles with. As a result I made a decision to be an engineer and go to the Technical University in Bratislava. Another question was faculty. I ruled out mechanical and electrical engineering, because cars and computers are not my best friends. So, I chose Faculty of Civil Engineering. I thought that would be simple. Because you can imagine buildings and also you can touch materials as bricks, timber and concrete.

When did you start in Peikko and what is your job in Peikko about?

I started in September 2013, right after graduation from Technical University. My current work description is Senior Project Engineer, which means I do technical support for other technical Support guys. In our department I am responsible for designing concrete connection products and special DELTABEAM® connections. Giving presentations and internal/ external seminars are also a part of my work.

What do you like most about your job?

I like challenges and various tasks, I am satisfied when I can learn new things. I also appreciate teamwork and cooperation with people of different nationalities. Every day brings me different requests to solve.

What projects that you did in Peikko are you most proud of?

I have cooperated on various interesting projects. A few years ago, it was the ICON project, where I helped Lithuanian colleagues with designing connections. Right now, we are working on a huge project in Hungary. It is a Multifunctional Arena in Budapest. It is one of our biggest projects, we have managed it successfully thanks to great teamwork. It was a long-time challenge, but a great chance to gain experiences.

What is the strangest/craziest thing you have had in your work or were asked by a customer?

My job goes with plenty of tricky questions every day. Most of them can be solved after discussion with the customer and the client's explanation of his needs. My favorite ridiculous story was a request for very special and expensive Beams (much bigger than the biggest available DELTABEAM®). The reason why the client needed that was they wanted to use them on the roof of the house of a very rich man. They needed the Beams to be very stiff to decrease deflection of the roof. They wanted to lay extremely expensive and fragile tiles on it.

What are your biggest interests outside working life?

In the past I used to travel a lot, do sports, visit festivals, and play football. Now I am a happy father of 3 small kids, and I try to survive home office right in the center of a kindergarten. 

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