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Meet Nick Neumann from Peikko Germany

As part of our marketing theme 2020, The Year of The Designer, we have also interviewed our own employees, structural engineers who are working at Peikko units all over the world.

Read a new story and meet Nick Neumann from Peikko Germany.

Why have you chosen to study civil engineering?

Through my training as a modeler I have become curious about what exactly is behind the products. I simply wanted to learn to understand why our products are the way they are. Furthermore, the profession of a civil engineer seemed to me to be very diversified, which was definitely confirmed over time. But I would probably have chosen a different path without the training at Peikko. My interests before Peikko were previously more in the field of mechanical engineering. 

When did you start in Peikko and what is your job in Peikko about?

In August 2012 I started my training as a modeler. I completed this after three years and then studied civil engineering for another three years. I finished my studies in autumn 2018 and started working as a customer engineer right away. I mainly work in the area of our connection products. But punching reinforcement, beam connections and column connections are definitely among my favorites. Of course, the other products are also interesting, don't get me wrong. 😊 

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most is that the job is different from day to day. On the one hand, the variety is naturally influenced by the variety of our products. But also, by the very different needs of our customers. That makes every project something special.

I also like working as a team on a project. Whether with colleagues from Peikko Germany or with colleagues from other Peikko sisters. Especially for me as a young civil engineer it is great to learn from so many colleagues.

A lot of fun as well is the exchange with customers, for example at trade fairs, because you can learn a lot from them and it is very interesting to get to know the people you talk to on the phone.

What projects that you did in Peikko are you most proud of?

I am proud of every project I work on. No matter how large or what product groups are involved. But for several months I supported Jan Chrzanowski with the measurements and drawings for the Borealis Piperacks. Working on such a huge project is of course something special and was a completely new experience for me. 

What is the strangest/craziest thing you have had in your work or were asked by a customer?

To be honest, I don't have a particular moment in mind here. This is probably due to the fact that the construction industry in general is somehow becoming crazier and crazier. I mean, everything must be realized faster and faster and even faster. This is probably why many project participants come into contact with Peikko products for the first time. That's why I have absolute understanding for weird or crazy questions. 

What are your biggest interests outside working life?

In my free time I like to spend time with friends at many different activities, which mostly have something to do with sports. I play football in my home club TSV Berndorf, where we train twice a week during the current season and play at weekends. I simply enjoy my time at football the most because it brings so much together - sport - friends - fun.​


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