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Meet Peikko Production People - Peikko Finland

Last year we were introducing a few of our Engineers, representing various Peikko Units. And this year we want to focus on our production people – the hands, which make Peikko products and carry the final responsibility for making our Customers happy with our quality.

We will be introducing people from different Peikko Production Units and in this article please meet Petri Oksa and Domingo Diaz Bustos from Peikko Finland.


When did you start at Peikko and what is your job about?

I started already 30 years ago when I had a summer job at Peikko. After the military service I joined Peikko permanently in 1997. Since then I have worked in various positions and my current position is Team Leader at the Connections factory. I am a machinist by education.

In 2008 I was asked if I want to go to Saudi Arabia to start a new factory. Because I am an adventurous guy, I said yes, of course! My duties included preparing and installating the machinery and educating my new colleagues. Later, I was asked to go to Ras Al Khaimah to start a factory there. It was a quick decision and after three days I already sat on the airplane to the United Arab Emirates. It seems like I am a man who can't say no to new challenges!

What do you like most about your job?

I am a workaholic and like doing various tasks with my teammates. People here call me young and eager because I enjoy teaching new colleagues how to work and solve work-related problems. Especially working with our summer trainees is rewarding. I am definetly a team player and have learned great teamwork skills during the years I played ice hockey.

When I was younger, I used to work lots of extra hours from spring to fall. Then I could travel around the world when it was the darkest and coldest time here in Finland. I appreciate the flexibility and respect for each other we have in Peikko. Also, it is great to see how our owner invests in Peikko: new production facilities and machinery are bought in order to keep the business growing.

What is going well in your team that you would like to mention?

I try to keep the atmosphere as relaxed as possible because then we can achieve better results. I encourage all my teammates to take iniative. We can be agile if we want to but it also requires good communication between different teams. I think we have a good Peikko spirit here in our factory.

The new ERP system (CORE) has made life a bit more difficult during the past months, but we are learning how to be more effective step by step. We try to plan the process as smooth as possible to keep the machines going.

How do you keep your life in balance?

At home I have a wife, a daughter, a son and two dogs who keep me busy outside work. You can imagine that working in three shifts and being a good father and husband at the same time can sometimes be challenging.

When I am not working, I drive my kids to their hobbies and act as an assistant coach in my son's ice hockey team. I also try to take care of my health by having good eating habits and by cycling to work all year round. But maybe the best way to relax is playing ice hockey.

Petri Oksa, Team Leader in Peikko Finland



When did you start at Peikko and what is your job about?

I joined Peikko in 2007 when I did my welding operator training. It was fun and I worked at Peikko until 2010. After few years of working elsewhere, I came back in 2014 and since then I have been working in the Connections and Wind factories. Nowadays my duties include hand and robot welding.

What do you like most about your job?

The best thing would be safety, most definetly. We are all committed to make Peikko a safe place to work, not just blue collar workers but even the directors as well. You wouldn't drive a car without fastening your seatbelt, so why would you weld without safety equipment? It is important to keep us all safe during the work day.

I also appreciate the education I have gotten while working at Peikko. I moved to Finland in 2007 and this was the place I got to study and work as a welder. Also the working conditions are good and we have nice atmosphere in our factory.

What is going well in your team that you would like to mention?

I really like working in our international team. Although it can be a bit hard to talk to new colleagues in the beginning, you can always tell a joke or talk about football – then you get into a real conversation! I have even found my best friend at work.

In our factory, the foremen are younger and have good managing skills. They have nice human touch which makes co-operation easier both ways. It is great to be able to help my colleagues and know that they are there for me whenever I need help from them.

What are your interests outside work?

I have a spouse and two children, my son is 21 and my daughter is 18 years old. Although I work hard, I like riding my bike and spending time at the summer cottage. And with my son, we go bowling every now and then.

I usually travel to Spain once a year to meet my family and relatives. During the pandemic I haven't been able to travel but I am really looking forward to our next trip to Spain. 

Dominigo Diaz Bustos, Welder in Peikko Finland


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