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Meet Tomas Priscak from Peikko Finland

Last year as part of our marketing theme 2020, The Year of The Designer, we interviewed structural engineers of our own, who are working at Peikko units all over the world.

This is our last story, and this time we introduce Tomas Priscak from Peikko Finland. Hope you have enjoyed our collection of designer stories.

Why have you chosen to study civil engineering?

I was already impressed of all kind of structures around me since my childhood. That was one of the reasons I have chosen to study civil structures. Other reason was that designing something with life span of 100 years such as bridges are designed, feels like you are able to keep your footprint also to future generations. That´s why my studies were focused mostly for designing special structures such as bridges, but also any other types of structures for commercial and industrial use.

When did you start in Peikko and what is your job in Peikko about?

My Peikko journey has started in June 2015, when I started as structural engineer in Peikko Slovakia with the main focus for DELTABEAM® design. A few months later a request came for design help from Peikko Finland and I left at first for 3 months business trip. Apparently, everything went well and I have started permanently working in Peikko Finland since July 2016. Recently I am focusing on managing civil engineering issues for nuclear power plant projects combined with DELTABEAM® related tasks. 

What do you like most about your job?

Generally, I like very much international environment and also feeling that there is always someone who is able to advise in case of need. It is very important to have supportive working environment and Peikko is definitely the place! 

What projects that you did in Peikko are you most proud of?

Every project or even a small solved problem is important, but let´s say there were some which were somehow specific. For instance, the biggest DELTABEAM® project of Peikko at the time when I came first time to Finland. It was Ratina shopping centre in Tampere (Finland), pretty interesting structure and a lot of formworks and details, the project had almost 1500 pcs of DELTABEAM®s. I am proud of every project which was built without any issues, independently of the size. 

What is the strangest/craziest thing you have had in your work or were asked by a customer?

There had been some examples of levitating beam supports during erection phase, also once we found out that customer did not mention that our DELTABEAM® will not be casted with concrete, but they will be just steel profiles even in final stage. Of course, all issues were solved by cooperation with the customer. There is a saying: "Better later, then never". Always when we notice something incorrect, everything can be solved by discussion with the customer. There are no problems, only solutions!!! 

What are your biggest interests outside working life? 

When I have free time, I like long walks in forests, picking up mushrooms, going for fishing with friends and basically anything what is connected with nature. Also, being a practical person, I relax my brain by doing some manual repairs around, because everything what can be fixed or repaired can get a second chance. Last but not least, I like very much spending time with my family and the closest people around me. 

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