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Product of the month: MODIX® Rebar Coupler

Simplify the construction of reinforced concrete structures with a safe and flexible rebar coupling system.

MODIX® Rebar Coupler is a one-of-a-kind, safe and flexible rebar splicing system. Consisting of prefabricated female and male muffs with M-threads, which are pressed onto the reinforcement bars, MODIX Rebar Couplers are used to create mechanical connections between ribbed reinforcement bars in concrete structures.

In the market since 2008, MODIX® Rebar Couplers are designed to transfer the full resistance of reinforcement bars for compressive and tensile forces in connections with straight and bent reinforcement bars of the same and different diameters, also enabling the rebar to be attached to a steel profile and to form an end anchor. The standard SMA and SMB connections enable connecting all rebars from 10 to 40 mm.

The MODIX® Rebar Coupler system provides high production speed without compromising on quality. A unique visual inspection makes it safe and easy to verify all connections are closed, keeping the assembly process fast and safe. To make the process even more efficient, you can rent the MODIX® crimping machine and produce clean rebar couplers with multiple benefits in a matter of seconds whenever you need them.

The time-saving assembly control and optimized material costs make MODIX® Rebar Couplers a cost-efficient solution compared to traditional techniques for connecting reinforcement bars, such as lap splicing and welding. In comparison with lap splicing, MODIX® also reduces congestion of reinforcement.

The MODIX® crimping machine is yours to rent

By renting and having the MODIX® crimping machine at your own premises, you get to benefit from high quality, cost-efficient rebar couplers ready to use in 20 seconds. The quick and clean crimping technique means rebar couplers are created as quick as it gets.

The machine keeps production clean and easy with no thread, no oil and no extra costs. You don’t have to worry about forging and can enjoy the benefits of clean rebar couplers with clean ends, clean production and clean results, made by you when you need them. The service is included.

The unique visual inspection system makes the assembly process fast and safe. A quick check verifies connections are closed – and you’re ready to go!

Certified safety, quality and full traceability with clear markings

MODIX® Rebar Couplers are under continuous quality control, which includes permanent visual and dimensional control and regular tensile and fatigue testing by third parties. MODIX® Rebar Couplers have an ETA assessment and a CE marking, and are designed, tested, and approved to carry static loads, dynamic loads and seismic loads.

The couplers are made from carbon steel and can be exposed to the same environmental effects as ordinary reinforcement bars. MODIX® Rebar Couplers are tested and safe to use in a variety of different structures with different requirements, such as residential, public and commercial buildings, industrial buildings and structures, infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels and nuclear power plants.

The couplers are traceable and have producer identification markings – the batch number, including the type of product and number of the steel partner.

A wide range of possibilities with six coupler types

The MODIX® Rebar Coupler range of products consists of six models including a standard coupler, end-anchor coupler, and a combination coupler. However, if the standard solutions don’t meet the requirements of your project, our customer engineering service is always here to help you with a custom designed solution.


MODIX® SM Standard Coupler

Threaded coupler system for connecting reinforcing bars of equal diameter.


MODIX® PM Position Coupler

Threaded coupler system for bars that cannot be turned and moved in the axial direction, such as tapered columns with connecting bars bent at right angles.


MODIX® RM Reduction Coupler

Threaded coupler system for connecting bars of different diameters.


MODIX® KM Combination Coupler

Threaded coupler system for use as a combination coupler for connecting reinforcement bars and metric screws.


MODIX® EM End Anchor Coupler

Threaded coupler system for use as an end-anchor coupler, including a standard screw and end-plate.


MODIX® AM Welded-to Coupler

Threaded coupler system for use as a weld-to coupler for connecting reinforcement bars and steel construction elements.


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