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More architectural flexibility with slender ATLANT® and close to invisible ATLANT® Strong composite columns

Launch of ATLANT® composite columns family on 12th of September 2023 at EuroSteel

By using the slender composite columns from ATLANT® family, buildings can be designed and constructed to provide more usable space, better light and greater visibility within the building and to the outside. The columns can be used in single- and multi-floor buildings, and in both interior and exterior areas.

The ATLANT® family comprises two products:

  • Slender and strong ATLANT® composite columns,
  • Close to invisible and even stronger ATLANT® Strong composite columns.

The close to invisible ATLANT® Strong composite columns have superior slenderness and strength, comparing to alternatives in the market. Meanwhile, combination of ATLANT® Strong with ATLANT® composite columns enables a balanced solution in relation to architectural flexibility, cost effectiveness, construction simplicity and speed.

Both types of columns have integrated fire proofing and are compatible with precast, cast-in-situ, timber, hybrid and other common slabs systems. Peikko’s experienced engineers and other specialists are always ready to provide the optimal solution and superior technical support in the client’s language.

Until the launch brandless, future ATLANT® composite columns are designed according to Eurocode provisions and are available in all markets. While already in Switzerland and Austria available ATLANT® Strong composite columns are currently designed according to Swiss code and the locally approved methods (VKF certificate).

After the launch in EuroSteel 2023 (12.09.2023), Eurocode based design for all ATLANT® family columns will be available. Depending on the construction process and client’s preference, the columns will be available as a complete product or certain processes can be finished on site, such as concreting or painting.

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