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New Peikko STAIRPOD® Supporting System makes staircase and landing installation faster, easier, and safer

Peikko’s STAIRPOD® Supporting System efficiently connects prefabricated stairs and landings to load-bearing stairwell walls.

STAIRPOD® is an integrated load-bearing system consisting of: the anchorage comprising anchor bars and shear dowels – attached onto wall formwork; and the precast concrete corbel with its integrated STAIRPOD® steel corbel.

Eliminating the challenging creation of wall formwork with protruding corbel, STAIRPOD® allows simpler and quicker casting of a straight surfaced wall. The corbels are then bolted in, acoustic insulation is added, and finally the stairs and landing slabs are installed and are immediately available for use. 

This straightforward process removes the need for propping, stair towers and ladders. The obstacle-free worksite reduces the risk of accidents. The compact size of the corbel helps to minimize landing thickness and maximize interior space.

STAIRPOD® Supporting System meet R90 fire resistance and in designed according to  EN 1992-1-1 and EN 1993-1-1 standards.

As it is a semi-standardized product, STAIRPOD® can be tailored to each project.