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New specifications for PCs® Corbel: supplementary reinforcement reduced

The amount of required supplementary reinforcement for PCs® Corbel has been reduced.

Supplementary reinforcement in the form of stirrups is used to tie the potential breakaway cone to the rest of the concrete body of precast column. Up until now, the design of supplementary reinforcement has been done according to CEN/TS 1992-4-2 specification.

Peikko Group has carried out an extensive research program for behavior of headed anchors combined with supplementary reinforcement. The results of the research were used to develop reliable and cost-efficient design methods for Peikko products using short headed anchors, resulting in less required reinforcement.

Tests with real scale specimens and PCs® Corbel were successfully performed to verify the behavior with reduced amount of supplementary reinforcement. In average, only half amount of the stirrups is required compared to the old design model – see Table 1 below. The new design model has already been approved by issued approval in Finland: BY 5B EC2: nro 35 M2.


PCs® Corbel remains the same, only less stirrups are required!


Table 1 Required total amount of supplementary reinforcement – stirrups for old model compared to new standard PCs® model with reduced amount of stirrups


PCs 2

PCs 3

PCs 5

PCs 7

PCs 10

PCs 15

Valid up to 04/2019







Valid starting  05/2019








Example of PCs® 5 Corbel

(old model, valid up to 04/2019)

Example of PCs® 5 Corbel

(new model, valid since 05/2019)


The PCs® 2 Corbel capacity specification has been updated with minor reductions. The capacity of PCs® 2 remains the same for cases without horizontal tensile load (HEd=0 kN, VRd=230 kN). The PCs® 2 capacity is reduced for cases with consideration of horizontal tensile force (HEd=42 kN, VRd=210 kN).

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