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Peikko Group in 2016: Record turnover of MEUR 172.6, profitability improved

Peikko Group, a leading global supplier of concrete connections and slim floor structures, reached a record turnover of EUR 172.6 million (MEUR 155.2) in 2016. Annual growth was 11.2% and profit before taxes EUR 8.8 million (MEUR 2.7). Peikko Group’s equity ratio remained at a healthy level, exceeding 40 percent.


Peikko Group





MEUR 172.6

MEUR 155.2


Profit before taxes (EBT)

MEUR 8.8

MEUR 2.7


Balance sheet total

MEUR 109.2

MEUR 96.4


Personnel, average





During 2016, Peikko was able to improve its profitability back to a normal level. This was helped by consolidation activities made in 2015, the good market situation, and successful sales activities leading to a good business volume. Peikko’s total investments in 2016 amounted to EUR 8.0 million (MEUR 6.0). The largest ongoing investments are the construction of a new DELTABEAM® factory in Kaunas, Lithuania, and the acquisition of new factory premises in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

In 2016, Peikko introduced several new technologies to the market, including a seismic-proof bolted column connection, ARMATA Punching Reinforcement, and the moment-resistant BECO®–COPRA® connection for precast frames. Peikko was the first concrete connection technology provider to enable direct data transfer from a structural design calculation software to a BIM software – from Peikko’s own design software Peikko Designer® into Tekla Structures, making designing significantly faster and easier. 

Topi Paananen, CEO, Peikko Group Corporation, says: "The start of 2017 looks positive and our order book remains strong in all market areas. Our investments into production capacity and efficiency as well as research and product development will be the highest ever in 2017."   


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Peikko Group in brief:
Peikko Group Corporation is a leading global supplier of concrete connections and composite structures. Peikko’s innovative solutions make customers’ building processes faster, easier, and more reliable. Peikko has subsidiaries in 30 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, with manufacturing operations in 9 countries. Peikko’s turnover in 2016 was EUR 173 million. Peikko is a family-owned and run company that employs over 1,400 professionals. Peikko was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Lahti, Finland. Further information: