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Peikko introduces ARBOX® Plus and ARBOX® Strong

Peikko is expanding its ARBOX® range with the addition of ARBOX® Plus and ARBOX® Strong, which provide effective joint reinforcement for higher loads

New product ARBOX® Plus provides a stronger rebar connection for concrete structures. It is a rough surfaced, higher resistance version of ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement, Peikko’s smooth surfaced, ready-to-install system for creating stiff concrete casting joints of reinforced concrete elements.

New ARBOX® Strong provides the strongest rebar connection for concrete structures in Peikko’s product portfolio. It is an indented surfaced, highest resistance version of ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement, and is the best solution in the most demanding applications including major infrastructure projects.

Both new products are in the highest resistance class with rough and indented surfaces according to Eurocode EN 1992-1-1, Section 6.2.5. They enable high longitudinal and transverse shear forces to be transferred to the joint.

ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement efficiently connects reinforced concrete structures, and it simplifies formwork and joint design. Installation is quick and straightforward, and there is a wide range of options.

As with ARBOX®, ARBOX® Plus and ARBOX® Strong can be easily attached to formwork without having to drill holes or make other adjustments. They can be installed longitudinally or transversally, making them ideal for creating connections such as wall-to-wall, column-to-wall, and wall-to-slab.

The pre-bent rebars of ARBOX®are hidden in a galvanized steel box and can be straightened when needed. This system increases construction site safety and enables the rapid construction of reliable, high-quality connections in both cast-in-situ and precast structures.

Based on the required resistance and box and rebar shapes and dimensions, the suitable ARBOX® model can be selected using the tables in the ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement Technical Manual.

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