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Peikko introduces super-strong steel HULCO® Anchor Bolt for bolted connections

Compact, easy to install, cost-efficient and effective: Peikko’s new HULCO® high-strength Anchor Bolts reliably anchor structures or machinery into concrete base structures. 

HULCO® Anchor Bolts are high-strength cast-in-place anchors used to securely anchor concrete or steel structures or machinery into concrete base structures – typically foundations, slabs, base columns, columns, or walls. Due to their relatively short anchorage length, they are ideal for use in shallow structures such as slabs and beams.

HULCO® Anchor Bolts are embedded in concrete and attached using nuts and washers to the structures or the structures’ base plates. Non-shrinking grout added between the bolted connected structure and the base structure acts as a reinforced concrete structure.

A CE marked solution, HULCO® Anchor Bolts have remarkably high tested load-bearing capacities for heavy duty connections in even the most demanding anchoring applications. They are especially suited for industrial construction projects such as warehouses, halls, bridges, dams, and power plants.

To enable a wide range of precast connections, HULCO® Anchor Bolts are compatible with Peikko’s BOLDA® Column Shoes and SUMO® Wall Shoes. Peikko Bolted Connections are designed to resist axial, shear, tensile and compressive forces, bending moments, and exposure to fire.   

The system comprises a choice of standard HULCO® Anchor Bolts (30, 36, 39, 45, and 52) analogous to the metric thread size of the bolt, reusable installation templates and the free Peikko Designer® software tool. In addition to uncoated bolts, the products are available as ECO or Hot-Dip galvanized.

HULCO® Anchor Bolts feature optimized material use, reducing transport and packaging costs and overall environment impact.

Across the company, Peikko’s management systems have ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (health and safety) certification. 

HULCO® Anchor Bolts are readily available from stock. This new product replaces Peikko’s PPM® L Anchor Bolts.