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Peikko Participates in Creation of the Tallest Slim-Floor Office Building in Germany – EDGE ElbSide, Hamburg

Peikko Germany was able to present a convincing concept for the EDGE ElbSide project in Hamburg to meet the requirements of a lightweight structure, coupled with a fast construction method. About 5,000 meters of the DELTABEAM® composite beam and about 2,000 anchor bolts and column shoes each are used for this purpose. The foundation will be reinforced with PSB® Punching Reinforcement. In addition, composite columns with high requirements for load bearing and steel components such as PCs® Corbels are used to speed up the construction progress in the long term. The chosen slim-floor structure saves around 50% CO2 during the construction phase compared to the classic in-situ concrete construction method. Peikko Germany plans and delivers for this special and future-oriented type of construction on behalf of the general contractor ZECH Bau SE.

The EDGE ElbSide already shows one thing with its visual appearance: it certainly is not just another office building. EDGE's now second project in the Elbbrückenquartier aims for maximum sustainability and will use renewable energy sources and photovoltaics. To minimize its own ecological footprint, the building will use smart building technology with a variety of efficient digital solutions. This digital transformation will ensure that everything in the building can be adapted to its actual use. One example are the so-called plug-and-play multisensors, which measure air quality, lighting conditions, temperature and room use at the same time. Via app, these factors can be individually adjusted by the users. Possible failures are automatically sent to the cloud.

Characterized by green conservatories, the EDGE ElbSide will fit into HafenCity as another building highlight. The project is scheduled for completion in 2023.


Read this article about the project by EDGE

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