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Peikko’s new DELTABEAM® Green composite beam cuts CO2 emissions by up to 50%

Peikko Group, a leading global supplier of concrete connections, composite structures and wind energy applications, has started deliveries of its new DELTABEAM® Green composite beam. The first executed project is located in Sandnes, near Stavanger, in Southern Norway.

DELTABEAM® Green is structurally similar to Peikko’s standard DELTABEAM®, an innovation more than 30 years old. The key benefits are that over 90% of DELTABEAM® Green’s manufacturing materials are recycled, and it is produced using renewable energy. In addition, the logistics of DELTABEAM® Green are organized in an environmentally sound manner throughout the Nordics, e.g. by using biodiesel.

There is an urgent need for solutions that lighten the environmental footprint, and DELTABEAM® Green will cut CO2 emissions by up to 50% compared to standard steel, composite or concrete beams. As a product, it is also more compatible with various environmental certifications, such as BREEAM and LEED. The environmental impacts are confirmed by the Environmental Product Declaration, EPD, and project-specific calculations of CO2 emission are made based on this certificate.  

“Peikko wants to do its share to reduce CO2 emissions and promote Circular Economy related innovations. For now, Peikko manufactures DELTABEAM® Green in Finland, and later this year, manufacturing will begin in Romania. Our goal is not only to change the building industry to be faster and more efficient, but also fundamentally change its way of thinking regarding CO2 emissions and circularity”, states Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation. 

Further information:
Topi Paananen, CEO, Peikko Group Corporation
Mobile +358 50 384 3001, email [email protected] 

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