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PETRA® Green Slab Hanger; a new step towards environmentally friendly construction

After having launched DELTABEAM® Green last year, we are now proud to introduce the greenest slab hanger on the market – PETRA® Green. It is produced with the same sustainable methods as DELTABEAM® Green, making it possible to reduce the carbon footprint even more.

The EPD approved PETRA® Green has a 43% smaller carbon footprint compared to standard slab hangers. It is produced using renewable energy, and together with DELTABEAM® Green, they are transported in a way that burdens the environment as little as possible. 

Since the production of PETRA® Green was not yet started at the time this EPD was granted, EPD has been calculated based on its sibling product PETRA®. The production impacts of PETRA® Green can be considered as identical with PETRA®.

PETRA® Green is manufactured by Peikko’s production facility in Finland and available for Scandinavia. All PETRA® Green Slab Hangers are also painted green.

PETRA® Green has the performance and options of standard PETRA® models and is fully configurable to fit most of the hollow-core slab layouts. PETRA® Slab Hangers are used to support hollow-core slabs and make openings and configurations into hollow-core slab floors. It is a unique technical solution that has all the benefits of a standardized product, while being used for applications that usually require careful static analyses and tailor-made structural solutions.

Visit the PETRA® product page to know more