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PIFOREX® Balcony Parapet Connector

For connecting concrete balcony parapets to balcony slabs

PIFOREX® Balcony Parapet Connectors are made of stainless steel and used to connect concrete balcony parapets to concrete balcony slabs.

PIFOREX® Balcony Parapet Connector is anchored to the balcony parapet by headed fasteners as the loads to the balcony slab are anchored by reinforcing steel bars.

PIFOREX® Balcony Parapet Connector is an improved version of P4X Balcony Parapet Connector which will be discontinued during autumn 2023.  

At the precast factory attaching PIFOREX® Railing Part to the mold is made easier by using a PIFOREX® Fixing Support, which ensures the stability of the Railing Part during concrete casting and vibrating.

Installation of required additional reinforcement is swift with PIFOREX® Reinforcement Element. Assembling the Railing Part and Slab Anchor to the mold is done using the M8 screws and Rivet Nuts, the M12- threaded couplers will remain plugged until the thread use is needed at the construction site.

The balcony parapet is lowered and positioned according to plans so that the Railing Parts go inside the Connecting items previously assembled to the edge of the balcony slab.

PIFOREX® Balcony Parapet Connector transfers the forces caused by the self-weight of the parapet and the external loads applied to the parapet are applied to the balcony slab.

A parapet equipped with PIFOREX® Balcony Parapet Connectors does not require support during installation, the joint does not require welding, and the seam between the parapet and the balcony slab does not require grouting. This enables later dismantling of the joint for possible reuse and recycling of the balcony parapet.

PIFOREX® Slab Anchor can also be used with glass balustrades and balcony glazing according to the glass balustrade manufacturer’s instructions. PIFOREX® Balcony Parapet Connector makes it possible to later update the façade by changing the concrete parapets to glass or steel and using the PIFOREX® Slab Anchors for the fixing them.

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