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Product of the month: ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement range

ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement is a ready-to-install system for creating stiff concrete casting joints of reinforced concrete elements. ARBOX® can be attached to formwork without having to penetrate, drill, or make other adjustments to the formwork. ARBOX® efficiently connects reinforced concrete structures, simplifying the formwork and joint design. Installation is quick and straightforward, with a wide range of options.

Peikko has a long tradition of finding new ways to use existing Peikko products, improving solutions and growing product families according to customer demand. This is also the case with ARBOX®, which grew into a fully-fledged product family in 2021. In 2021, Peikko introduced ARBOX® Plus and ARBOX® Strong into the ARBOX® range. The additions provide effective and stronger joint reinforcement for even higher loads.


ARBOX® Plus provides a stronger rebar connection for concrete structures. It is a rough-surfaced, higher-resistance version of ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement, Peikko’s smooth-surfaced, ready-to-install system for creating stiff concrete casting joints for reinforced concrete elements.

ARBOX<sup>®</sup> Plus render

ARBOX® Strong

ARBOX® Strong provides the strongest rebar connection for concrete structures in Peikko’s product portfolio. It is an indented surfaced, highest resistance version of ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement, and is the best solution for the most demanding applications including major infrastructure projects.

ARBOX<sup>®</sup> Strong render

Both ARBOX® Plus and ARBOX® Strong new products are in the highest resistance class with rough and indented surfaces according to Eurocode EN 1992-1-1, Section 6.2.5. They enable high longitudinal and transverse shear forces to be transferred to the joint.

Together with ARBOX® Plus and ARBOX® Strong, ARBOX® Joint Reinforcement is suitable for creating a wide range of connections. These can be installed longitudinally or transversally, making them ideal for creating wall-to-wall, column-to-wall, and wall-to-slab connections. Moreover, the ARBOX® pre-bent rebar is hidden in a galvanized steel box that can be straightened when needed. This system increases construction site safety and allows for the rapid construction of reliable, high-quality connections in both cast-in-situ and precast structures.


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