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Product of the month: Peikko’s Headed Anchors - Fast, safe and efficient anchorage to concrete

A reliable anchorage of steel into concrete is essential for the proper functioning of reinforced concrete structures. The anchorage of rebars is typically provided by small ribs continuously distributed over the length of the rebar, or by mechanical end deformations of the rebar such as bend, hook, or head.

Compared to other anchoring techniques, the anchorage provided by headed anchors offer several benefits such as fast and simple installation, less congestion of reinforcement and superior quality guaranteed by factory production control.

Read on and get to know our headed anchor solutions PSB® Headed Anchor and MODIX® EM Headed Anchor, and how you can benefit from using headed anchors in different applications.

PSB® Headed Anchor

PSB® Headed Anchor is a simple, easily installed, and effective way of anchoring reinforcement in concrete structures. It is an ETA assessed and CE marked solution that meets all standards and requirements regarding mechanical, fire, and corrosion resistance.

PSB® Headed Anchor can be used wherever rebar anchorage is needed to improve joint detailing, or for easy installation at the construction site. It can be used in a wide range of concrete elements, including foundation and floor slabs, columns, footings, walls, beams, frame corners and corbels.

The effectiveness and reliability of PSB® Headed Anchor help to reduce rebar congestion in heavily reinforced areas of cast-in-situ concrete construction.

  • Head forged at one or both extremities of conventional rebars (B500B or similar)
  • Diameter range of headed rebars from 10 mm to 32 mm
  • Produced in-house at Peikko factories and delivered on site
  • Available in four different models: PSB® Single, PSB® Double, PSB®-J and PSB®-S

MODIX® EM End Anchor Coupler

MODIX® Rebar Couplers are a safe and flexible rebar splicing system that creates a mechanical connection between ribbed reinforcement bars in cast-in-situ and precast concrete structures, connecting all rebars from 10 to 40 mm. MODIX® couplers come in six models, of which MODIX® EM Headed Anchor is a threaded coupler system to be used as an end-anchor coupler, including a standard screw and an end-plate.

The optimized labor and material costs make MODIX® Rebar Couplers a cost-efficient solution compared to traditional techniques for connecting reinforcement bars, such as lap splicing and welding. In comparison with lap splicing, MODIX® also reduces congestion of reinforcement.

MODIX® couplers can be easily made with a crimping machine that you can rent from Peikko. By renting the machine, you also get the service, and can produce clean, high-quality couplers in 20 seconds.

A unique visual inspection system makes the MODIX® assembly process fast and safe. A quick check verifies connections are closed – and you’re ready to go!

  • Round heads attached to the rebars by threaded couplers
  • Possibility to assemble the head on-site after installing the rebar part
  • Quick on-site production by renting a crimping machine by Peikko
  • Quick and easy assembly with simple tools

Applications of headed anchors in construction


The tensile reinforcement of concrete corbels is typically provided by rebars with large diameters. The rebars must be anchored in the corbel and in the column. Using reinforcement with headed anchors allows to reduce the amount of reinforcement in the concrete elements and simplify the installation of the reinforcement in precast factory.

Frame Corners

Frame corners are zones where the bending reinforcement of beams and columns needs to be anchored in a relatively small space, causing reinforcement congestion. Anchoring the reinforcement using headed anchors allows to free up space and makes the installation of reinforcement and casting of concrete simpler.

Shear reinforcement in walls and slabs

Headed anchors are used as shear reinforcement elements for slabs and walls. In thin slabs or walls, the reinforcement typically consists of double headed rebars welded to assembly profiles. Prefabricated assemblies like this allow for a quick and precise installation of the headed rebars on site.

Shear connection between two layers of concrete

When concrete layers cast at different times need to be connected, the transfer of shear forces between the connected elements is conditioned by the presence of transverse rebars that cross the interface and are anchored in both connected elements. PSB® Headed Anchors are installed in holes drilled in the existing concrete and anchored by using standardized adhesive.

Highly reinforced components

In the case of an overcrowded reinforcement cage, where the space for installing PSB® Headed Anchors with already forged head is limited, MODIX® EM Headed Anchor is the better option for easier installation. The head is assembled after reinforcement of the component is installed to reinforcement cage.

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