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Real estate investors set their sights on efficient and responsible construction

NOTICE: As of April 2024 Peikko Game Changer has been discontinued. We leave this news post published to preserve its history but the information may no longer be valid.

Peikko has a solution for the global need

Efficient use and maintenance of the built-up environment is the basis for a well-functioning society. As needs for space change, the property stock must be renewed. Furthermore, energy efficiency and the low-carbon expectations require investments. Global megatrends are interesting from the perspective of investors and open doors for sustainable real estate development. The same development is supported by innovations in the construction industry, which speed up construction and the repayment of investments. 

As the winds of change are blowing on construction, the evolving world situation is testing its bases. Uncertain business conditions, the pandemic, accelerated climate change, movement of population, increasingly strict directives regulating the energy-efficiency of construction – it is all too easy to continue the list. Investors who channel new capital into the construction and real estate business sector are facing new kinds of issues. How can we manage financial risks and ensure return on investment in the current conditions? How can we construct buildings in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way that serve their users for decades, or even centuries? What kind of a world do I personally want to be constructing?


The use of spaces is changing

Construction continues despite the global crises. Migration into cities and large growth centers is increasing and changing real estate investing. People and corporations need convertible spaces, flexibility, and with sensible costs, for living, conducting business, spending leisure time, and for raising a new generation. Big megatrends shape the way of working, the way spaces are used, as well as the needs for spaces. Services become a part of buildings, shared accommodation is getting more popular, and sharing of facilities is increasing.

There is increasing demand for flexible and adaptable office buildings, shopping centers, schools, as well as for campus areas serving thousands of students. The care sector also needs more private hospitals, medical centers, and residential care homes all over the world. Towering residential and multi-purpose buildings extend the living environment vertically. Time will tell what kinds of new megatrends the global pandemic and future will bring.

Location is the crucial factor, irrespective of the space's intended use. We do not have an endless supply of buildable plot area, and therefore it must be possible to use the land area more efficiently. Dense city construction needs innovative planning, sustainable construction, and construction products. The activities of the entire chain impacts what and how we construct. Naturally, the success of the cooperation also has an impact on success in the real estate business.


Social significance on the increase

Carbon dioxide emissions from built environments is as high as 40 per cent. Therefore, the role of the real estate and construction sector is central in the mitigation of climate change as well as in construction that complies with sustainable development. There is also increasing interest from investors in construction projects where the ecologic, financial, and social impacts of construction and buildings are considered.

Responsible construction also requires that when reviewing investment costs, the focus is moved from the investment phase to the entire life cycle of buildings. At the same time, input-output thinking evolves. How can different frame solutions be used to produce energy savings and increase safety, as well as taking the progressively strict building regulations and changing space requirements into consideration?

Investing in sustainable new construction is, in any case, a concrete and important way of impacting the built environment, people's daily lives and wellbeing. This also introduces a necessary discussion about the wider responsibility of the real estate sector, including taking the environment, social and financial responsibilities into account in corporate strategies. Steering, implementing, and measuring the level of business operations' responsibility increases sustainable construction and brings image-related and competitive advantages to the companies engaging in them.


More space faster and in a more sustainable way

The price of steel per kilogram does not alone decide the financial viability of construction. Solutions that simplify and speed up construction processes are attractive to investors. When the construction times get shorter, the invested capital will start generating a return sooner. Thus, it must be possible to produce better solutions faster and with higher quality, irrespective of the scope of the project or challenging conditions. It must also be possible to implement ecological solutions in accordance with life cycle philosophy and in such a way that they genuinely improve the quality of life. 

Peikko is a company that offers efficient frame solutions. It is skilled at anticipating the needs of the construction industry and at developing solutions for efficient and sustainable construction. Indeed, Peikko is one of the companies in the sector investing most extensively in research and product development. One of the products of this work is the DELTABEAM® slim floor structure, an interesting steel solution viewed from any angle. The product brings to life Peikko's strong customer promise: more space, faster completion, sustainable development. More than 15,000 construction projects globally have been built using the same reliable technology. 

The ingenious floor system shortens construction time and speeds up the production of multipurpose and adaptable facilities in a space-saving way. A composite structure formed of a steel beam and cast concrete enables the development of open and adaptable spaces, as well as architecturally demanding forms. DELTABEAM® simplifies and speeds up the construction process and is suitable with all frame materials and building types. Fire resistance is integrated, so the solution is more efficient and safer for both the constructors and the users of the space.


Local partnership in 34 countries

Throughout its long history, Peikko has been creating the future of steel and concrete construction with its innovative solutions that have later become established construction practices. Recently, Peikko has also innovated a slim floor system which is suitable with timber slab systems enabling more effective space. Peikko also actively participates in standardization and in international research projects. Indeed, the construction industry around the world closely monitors the company's movements. Now, the company wants to establish connections with real estate investors:

“Peikko is an international company that has a presence around the world, and therefore we can offer the industry's top solutions and our experience-based expertise to investors, architects, design companies as well as constructors locally”, says Simo Hakkarainen, Business Director at Peikko Group Oy.

The ready-made value calculation tool, DELTABEAM® Game Changer, serves all parties in a construction project, mainly investors. The structural solution's saving and return calculations of investment and preliminary evaluation of an environmental footprint of a frame are immediately available. 

“We encourage investors to establish the savings potential of their construction projects together with Peikko's experts. With us, you build faster and in a more sustainable and more profitable way”, says Hakkarainen. 


DELTABEAM® Game Changer verifies the real potential for savings in construction

In sustainable life cycle construction, the sights are set far. Impacts on costs of building are at their highest in the initial phase of a construction project and return on the invested capital is only generated in the long term. Peikko's experts act as guides for investors in charting the potential for savings and return on investment throughout the life cycle of a construction project. An efficient tool in this work is the value calculation software, DELTABEAM® Game Changer. The software verifies the customer value of the investment both visually and in the form of reports. Calculations are always prepared under the guidance of experts together with the client.


Reliable value comparison

The comparison tool verifies the benefits, both during construction and during the use of the finished building, compared with the traditional floor structure solution. With the DELTABEAM® floor system, life cycle values are significantly better when measured in all the important indicators.

Potential for savings is accrued through the speed of construction, more efficient use of space, as well as through the energy efficiency of construction. Investors benefit when the facilities can be rented out faster and revenue generation starts. The bigger floor area achieved with the structure facilitates more rentable square footage and thus, increased annual rental income. The lower beam height, i.e., lower floors and intermediate floors, lowers the floor-to-floor height, as well as heating and cooling costs. DELTABEAM® Game Changer demonstrates the total savings accrual in precise and comparable figures.

The software developed by Peikko's experts utilizes the company's experience of frame solutions generated over decades. The aim is to move away from the comparison of beam purchase price per kilogram and focus on profitable and sustainable construction, as well as on the choices made in the planning phase of a construction project. These are the value choices that Peikko's experts consider together with investors and the trusted designers and building contractors selected by them. 

Value calculation is Peikko's new service that generates concrete benefits for the customers. There is no other similar tool in use in the construction industry.

With the DELTABEAM® system, the structure is at least as durable and safe as when building with thick beams.