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SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connector – Precast Slab Support with Stud Reinforcement

A new and efficient way to install supported balcony slabs.

SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connector creates an efficient connection between the precast balcony slab and load-bearing structure without compromising the thermal insulation on the sandwich wall panels or the building envelope. It consists of a stainless steel RHS tube and rails with double-headed studs, and it is cast into the balcony slab at the precast factory.

SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connector can be used both in precast and cast-in-situ buildings, where supported precast balcony slabs are used. After assembling the slab at the construction site, it offers reliable load distribution to the surrounding load-bearing structures.

With four standard models and the approval of the Concrete Association of Finland, SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connector is now available for Scandinavia and the Baltics.

SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connector product information