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STRIFF® Shear Dowel - Expansion Joint System

STRIFF® Shear Dowels provide expansion or contraction of the connection between two concrete elements in order to reduce or prevent constrains.

STRIFF® Shear Dowel system supports movement of the concrete structures in transverse and/or longitudinal directions of the expansion joints, to prevent constrains and further damages. At the same time, STRIFF® restricts movement of the concrete structures in the vertical direction by securing the same horizontal level of the connected structures.

STRIFF® Shear Dowels are available in two load models. Both models consist of rectangular cross sections, which significantly reduces stresses at the contact areas and helps to minimize the crackling noises during movement.

Thanks to using high‑quality stainless‑steel material, STRIFF® Shear Dowels are suitable not only for interiors but also for exterior conditions. This new product has been introduced to the European markets in June 2020.

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