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TERAJOINT® and TERAJOINT® Strong are now CE marked

Peikko launched a new product range for TERAJOINT® free movement joints last spring. We are now happy to announce that both TERAJOINT® and TERAJOINT® Strong have CE marks based on European Technical Assessment ETA 20/0488.

The new product range offers a wider selection of free movement joints – just pick the most suitable one for your project. TERAJOINT® system is designed to build formed free-movement joints, consisting of heavy-duty arris armoring, permanent formwork and a load transfer system. TERAJOINT® Strong is specialized for high loads and wider joint openings.

Despite the fact that movement joints are not a structural part of the building, Peikko has taken into account the high quality requirements during the product life cycle, so that the floor will remain representative and functional even in demanding conditions after several years of usage, cleaning and maintenance.

This is especially important when you have special projects with high visual or technical requirements. To fulfil customers’ needs and meet the demand in special projects in energy, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, Peikko has developed the TERAJOINT® range and introduced TERAJOINT® Strong Stainless and Acid Proof models.

You can find more information on TERAJOINT® product pages.