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Product of the month: TERAJOINT® Free Movement Joint — Robust Free Movement Joint Systems

The CE marked TERAJOINT® is a prefabricated leave-in-place free movement joint system consisting of heavy-duty arris armoring, permanent formwork, and a load transfer system. A variety of integral load transfer mechanisms mean TERAJOINT® suits all floor loadings. A wide range of customizable TERAJOINT® products means you can have your pick – we’ll handle the rest!

The TERAJOINT® Free Movement Joint system is suitable for high flatness category floor and super-flat floor construction. It comes with the possibility for fast-track installation with a selection of fixing methods and accessories. In the TERAJOINT® System, all process steps from setting up the formwork to pouring concrete and post-pouring require a minimum of time and manpower while ensuring the highest quality result.

Using the TERAJOINT® system, floors will remain in good condition even after several years of high traffic and hard use. This is especially important when you have a special project with aesthetic and/or technical requirements. To fulfil customer needs in special projects for more demanding building sectors, we have developed the TERAJOINT® range to include TERAJOINT® Strong, TERAJOINT® Strong Stainless and TERAJOINT® Acid Proof.

The TERAJOINT® System is available in a range of sizes as standard, with the possibility to produce customized solutions according to various project requirements. And for added peace of mind: all materials used for TERAJOINT® are 100% recyclable and the product range is CE marked based on European Technical Assessment ETA 20/0488.

Read on to find out how to get the best out of the TERAJOINT® family!


Meet TERAJOINT® – an industry standard since 2008

Entering the market in 2008, TERAJOINT® has become an industry standard in the range of prefabricated heavy-duty movement joint systems for high flatness category industrial floors. TERAJOINT® transfers vertical loads between adjacent slabs and minimizes the vertical displacement of the slabs.

The load transfer system is accomplished by utilizing high-strength steel discrete plate dowels, moving within rigid plastic release sleeves. The cold drawn steel rails provide extremely durable protection to the slab arrises, making it ideal for floors in a heavy-duty traffic environment.

The TERAJOINT® system ensures reliable load transfer in formed free-movement joints with openings up to 20 mm wide, and is suitable for slab depths from 100 mm up to 300 mm.

Both TERAJOINT® and TERAJOINT Strong can be supplied with different types of plate dowel systems. Both are also available in plain steel, hot-dip galvanized finish or stainless steel, which means that the system offers a solution for all operational environments.

TERAJOINT<sup>®</sup> Free Movement Joints

Choose TERAJOINT® Strong for heavy duty requirements

The TERAJOINT® Free Movement Floor Joint System eliminates the random cracking of concrete that can occur during the curing or shrinkage phases of the concrete. It also eliminates the damage of slab edges due to degradation or misalignment of floor joints.

With TERAJOINT® Strong you get all the same benefits as with the standard TERAJOINT®, but for higher loads and wider joint openings.

TERAJOINT® Strong TJS 6mm, TJS 8mm and TJS 12mm are designed to meet heavy duty requirements and can be used even in the highest floor class FM1, where very high standards of flatness and levelness are required.

TERAJOINT® Strong with rectangular TDR6 and TDR 8mm dowels are for higher loads and bigger openings of up to 30mm.

TERAJOINT<sup>®</sup> Strong for higher loads and wider joint openings

TERAJOINT® Strong Stainless and TERAJOINT® Strong Acid Proof for special requirements

TERAJOINT® Strong Stainless and TERAJOINT® Strong Acid Proof are especially designed for demanding projects where the floor joints are required to fulfil aesthetical demands and environmental requirements.

Choose TERAJOINT® Strong Stainless when floors are often wet and corrosion protection is your main concern. The easy-to-maintain TERAJOINT® Strong Stainless ups the lifetime of your project and is especially suitable for high-traffic environments with frequent maintenance such as shopping malls and public areas.

TERAJOINT® Strong Acid Proof is your best bet, when your project needs protection from salt, water and acid, and has both aesthetic and special clean space requirements. TERAJOINT® Strong Acid Proof is easy to maintain and increases the lifetime of the finished project. TERAJOINT® Strong Acid Proof is especially suitable for industrial floor purposes, for example in the energy and chemistry industries and for the food sector.


Standardized quality with TERAJOINT® free movement joints

In true Peikko tradition of uncompromised quality, both TERAJOINT® and TERAJOINT® Strong have CE marks based on European Technical Assessment ETA 20/0488.

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