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New THRELDA® Anchor Plates bring welding-free, grouting-free bolted connections to the building site

Peikko’s THRELDA® Anchor Plates enable quick, accurate bolted connections and effective load transfer between concrete and steel structures.

THRELDA® Anchor Plates comprise steel plates, headed steel anchor bars (studs) which are ribbed and threaded, and threaded couplers. These create a one-sided or double-sided bolted connection between reinforced concrete structures such as walls and columns, and steel members such as beams or bracings.

The bolted connection transfers axial and shear forces from the connecting steel member and anchors them into the concrete.

THRELDA® Anchor Plates are easily installed into formwork using standard accessories. The connection can bear load as soon as the concrete has the required strength, and the bolts are tightened.

The surface of the concrete member remains smooth without any protruding parts where the bolts are inserted during installation.

Standard sizes are suitable for most applications. The plates are available in multiple sizes, and anchor lengths are predefined or can be customized according to client needs.

THRELDA® Double Anchor Plates enable bolted structural joints between concrete and steel structures from two opposite sides. The forces are transferred through the anchor bars to the opposite sides of the concrete element.

The THRELDA® Double S model should be loaded from both sides at the same time; while THRELDA® Double T can be loaded from both sides at the same time or only from one side and later on from the opposite side such as for a building extension.

If supplementary reinforcement is needed in a particular location, stirrups can be added alongside to increase resistance and further strengthen the assembly.       

Supporting circularity and environmental sustainability, THRELDA® Anchor Plate bolted connections allow the easy disassembly, dismantling and recycling of building materials.

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