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Product of the month: WELDA® Anchor Plate for welded connections between structures

WELDA® Anchor Plates are CE marked all-rounders of transferring loads to concrete from other structures via welded connections. The WELDA® product family offers three different models that can be easily modified to fulfill specific project requirements.

When you need to transfer loads to concrete from other structures with a welded connection, our CE marked WELDA® Anchor Plate is your go-to solution. WELDA® Anchor Plate is a simple but effective product that consists of a steel plate and headed studs that are embedded in concrete. The surface of the plate remains uncovered and creates a welding surface for the concrete structure, while the studs anchor forces such as bending moments, normal and shear actions from other structures into the concrete.

The anchors of WELDA® Anchor Plates are available in three different lengths to avoid collision with reinforcement. The anchors are welded onto the plate and are optimized for quick and easy installation into the reinforcement. Moreover, thanks to increased anchorage depth, supplementary reinforcement is not needed.

A wide variety of material options and easy modifications mean that WELDA® is a flexible and optimized solution even for the most demanding cases, such as industrial and maritime applications.


WELDA® anchor plates – a family of three

The WELDA® family consists of three products: the standard WELDA® Anchor Plate, Long WELDA® Anchor Plate for long or multiple connections with high loads on one plate, and WELDA® Strong for heavy loads. All WELDA® Anchor Plates are CE marked based on ETA-16/0430 and they fulfil all the essential demands set for anchor plates.

In case there are any project-specific needs such as dimensions and shapes, all WELDA® Anchor Plates, including Long WELDA® Anchor Plate and WELDA® Strong Anchor Plate can be modified on request. Just give us a call and we will sort it out for you.

Read on to learn what makes each family member special!


WELDA® Anchor Plate

Standard WELDA® Anchor Plates are ideal for moderate and medium loads in shallow structures, such as wall panels or slabs, but they can also be placed in other structures such as beams and columns.

WELDA® Anchor Plates come in various sizes, from 50 mm x 100 mm up to 300 mm x 300 mm, covering all standard fastening needs. Plate thickness varies from 8 mm to 15 mm, making the effective product depth range from 68 mm to 165 mm. Plates and studs are available in various material combinations.

WELDA<sup>®</sup> Anchor Plate Family

Long WELDA® Anchor Plate

Long WELDA® Anchor Plates can be used for welding larger or multiple profiles to one long plate. Long anchor plates are suitable especially for heavy industrial constructions and machine foundations, but they can be used also in other structures such as beams and columns.

Sizes of long WELDA® Anchor Plates vary from 100 mm x 450 mm up to 600 mm x 2000 mm. However, depending on project needs, the length of the plates can be flexibly modified even up to 6 m. Plate thickness varies from 10 mm to 25 mm, making the effective product depth range from 70 mm to 225 mm. Plates and studs are available in various material combinations.

The smooth stud-headed anchors welded onto the plate are optimized for easy installation into reinforcement. Anchors are available in three different sizes to offer ideal solution to all structures.

Long WELDA<sup>®</sup> Anchor Plates 

WELDA® Strong Anchor Plate

WELDA® Strong Anchor Plates are designed to transfer heavy loads in deeper, load bearing structures of concrete frame. The headed rebar anchors of WELDA® Strong Anchor Plates are optimized for easy installation even into dense reinforcement.

WELDA® Strong Anchor Plates are especially suitable for heavy industrial constructions. The stud-headed rebar anchors enable structural connections also to thinner concrete structures. WELDA® Strong is also available with extra-long anchors to avoid the need of supplementary reinforcement.

 WELDA<sup>®</sup> Strong Anchor Plates

Fluent, efficient, and reliable designing with Peikko Designer®

If you are a structural designer, check out the anchor plate module on Peikko Designer®! There you can select and calculate a Peikko Anchor Plate from our standard sizes or design your own fastening plate to fit your structural designs.

The module automatically tells the capacity and suitability for all given loading scenarios, including detailed calculations for standard plates as well as dimensions and material information for special Anchor Plates.

As the WELDA® Anchor Plate family is CE marked based on European Technical Assessment ETA-16/0430, they offer the easiest way to demonstrate conformity to requirements set by authorities, reducing risks. With WELDA®, you know what you get – standardized Peikko quality.


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