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The 30th anniversary
of bolted column connections in 2021

For the last 30 years, Peikko’s bolted column connections have defined the construction industry. Peikko’s R&D department were the first to ask: “What if we used bolts instead?” And this is how it all started. Now Peikko and their bolted column connections are an institution in the industry – if you want to succeed, you do it the Peikko Way.

We can do it the old way.
Or we can do it the Peikko way.

Peikko bolted column connections

See how bolted column connections make life easier for our customers. From faster, safer column installation to higher quality precast beams, they make everything better.

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The history of bolted column connections

Discover how Peikko made bolted column connections a success around the world. This short history highlights their impact on the industry and some of the milestones along the way.

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Freedom of design and references

See real-life examples of what you can do with bolted column connections. Together with Peikko Designer® and our other software tools they give you the freedom to create more elegant and imaginative architecture.

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BOLDA® – the future of bolted column connections

Introducing our latest product: BOLDA®, our most advanced column shoe ever. With a stronger design, and a more compact and elegant structure, Peikko defines the game again.

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The circular economy

Learn how bolted column connections make the circular economy possible in the construction industry. Now, even precast columns can be reused.

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