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Clavon Condominium, Singapore, Singapore

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  • Residential Buildings
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The Clavon Development is a stunning residential project featuring a total of 640 luxurious units housed within two magnificent 37-storey tower blocks. With its impressive scale and exquisite design, this development offers an exceptional living experience for its residents.


In the construction of Clavon, wire loops play a pivotal role in connecting walls or volumetric elements, such as the PPVC frame joints. These wire loops offer numerous benefits, including obstruction-free installation and secure concrete-connections within the structural wall seams. By utilizing wire loops, the construction process is streamlined, ensuring efficient assembly while maintaining the structural integrity of the walls.

Additionally, the incorporation of Peikko fixings and anchor plates further enhances the project's quality and durability. These reliable fixings and anchor plates provide a secure and robust mechanism for post-installations, ensuring their stability and longevity. With Peikko fixings and anchor plates, the Clavon Development benefits from a high level of structural integrity, offering peace of mind to residents and developers alike.

The combination of wire loops and Peikko fixings showcases the commitment to innovative construction practices, resulting in a development that not only boasts luxurious living spaces but also upholds the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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Project facts

Project size:
57,899 m2
Completion year:

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